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3 Questions to Help You Improve the Security of Your Commercial Property

Owners of commercial properties like factories and office blocks are constantly looking for ways to improve the security of their premises. However, some of these commercial property owners do not ask themselves the right security questions so they end up learning the hard way (once a security breach occurs) that their security was inadequate. This article discusses three questions you should ask yourself so that you improve the security of your commercial property.

Do You Have Key Protection?

A commercial property has many users (such as business owners renting space on that property). This means that very many people will have keys to different parts of the building, such as keys accessing each floor of the building. This presents a security risk because someone can duplicate a key without your knowledge and give it to an unauthorised person.

How can you protect your commercial property from such a risk? Buy keys that have an inbuilt duplication protection mechanism. In this way, you will be sure that nobody has a key you are unaware of.

Do You Have the Right Locksets?

You need to have a lock security system that grants different levels of access to different people, according to your needs. For instance, you need to have a master key that can give you access to any part of the building, whether the occupant of that section is present or not.

The same cannot be said for your janitor. He or she should not have keys to your vault (if you have one), just as the tenants should not have keys that can (without your knowledge) open other sections occupied by other tenants. The best way to institute a lockset policy is to invite a commercial locksmith to study your system and advise on the best way to handle access control.

Are Your Locks Still Secure?

This question prompts you to assess how effective your locks still are, even if they are all security locks. For instance, some locks may have been tampered with during a DIY attempt to resolve a lockout situation. Such locks may no longer be effective because their inner mechanisms could have been altered. That is why a regular audit of your security locks is necessary to ensure that they are still up to the task of protecting your property from intrusion.

The best ally when it comes to the security of your premises is a commercial locksmith. Hire one so that you get the latest advice and tips on how to keep your security mechanisms up-to-date. 

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Locking up the office at night

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