Locking up the office at night

Services Offered by Locksmiths That Can Protect Your Home and Property

Chances are you think of a locksmith when you lock yourself out of your house or car, and may not realize that this type of professional can do so much more than just open locks for you. There are many services they offer which can protect your home and your property, in a variety of ways. If you're concerned about increasing the security around your house or even inside your home, note a few of the services that a locksmith might offer.

1. Home security evaluation

Remember that locksmiths are often called to a home after a break-in, so they are very familiar with the most vulnerable areas of a home and know what types of locks are easy to pick or just force open. They can conduct a home security evaluation and note if you need to increase the security around front or back doors, or if your doors are very secure but your window locks are very flimsy. Having this evaluation done can help you to understand where simple changes might be made to keep you safer on your own property.

2. Installing motion detectors

Motion detectors can work well to scare away intruders; they can easily switch on a light or sound an alarm, depending on the type of motion they sense. Inside your home, motion detectors can also work to keep you secure if an intruder manages to bypass the ones you have outside and enter the house. Today's motion detectors can also sense the difference between a human and your family pet, so you aren't awakened by your pet every night. A locksmith can typically install these motion detectors for you and connect them to your home's lights or the alarm system, either inside or outside the home.

3. Locks rekeyed

After a roommate moves out or you've loaned keys out to someone else, you may feel better if you have your locks rekeyed. This is typically less expensive than having the locks actually replaced; the tumblers or pins in the locks are simply reset and you're issued new keys that match. This type of job can make you feel more secure and can also be done quickly and easily, without the hassle of actually drilling out old locks and needing to install new ones. Any time you want to ensure your safety with new locks in your home, having them rekeyed can be a cost-effective option offered by a locksmith.

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Locking up the office at night

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