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What To Consider When Choosing Door Handles

If you're constructing property or renovating, part of having to choose new doors involves selecting door handles. Door handles play a big role in door functionality and aesthetics. However, with so many design options out there in the market, deciding what works best for your furniture isn't always easy. Read on for some tips on how to go about this process:

Match the handle design with that of the door

When comparing different door handle designs, the goal should always be to get something that compliments the door. After all, the door is the more visible fixture among the two items. You can do this by ensuring your door design matches with the door handles. For example, if your doors are engraved with stylish designs, you can get door handles with colorful imprinted designs to match. If your doors are plain with no pattern designs whatsoever, blocky door handles (preferably square) will do.

Choose a matching or a contrasting color

There are two options when it comes to door handle colors. You can either choose a color that matches with the door completely or go for something that is a stark contrast. The first option is the most commonly used. It's simple and straightforward. Matching door handles create harmony. For example, a yellow or orange door will go well with gold door handles.

In the second option, getting door handles with contrasting colors has the effect of visually accentuating both fixtures. The door handles stand out in the door background and the door frame is more visible too. This is a bold style that works well with neutral colors e.g. white doors and matte black door handles.

Go big on size

The other aspect of a door handle that you have to evaluate is size. Today, the trend is towards big door handles. These fit in the hand easily, making them simple to use. There's also less chances of you getting your fingers pinched while using them as there's enough wiggle room for your palms.  Large door handles are also great for entrance doors that get frequent use. A good option for such applications is pull handles. Indoors, turning handles will do just fine.

Ease of cleaning

Don't forget about maintaining your door handles. Door handles are said to contain a lot of germs due to frequent hand contact. So how do you make sure your handles are easy to clean or wipe? Go for handles with smooth surfaces devoid of grooves or engravings. Such indentations trap dirt easily making them harder to clean. Instead, opt for flat edged or curved handle designs.

There are many door handle designs out there for you to choose from. Take the time to find the right one for your doors. To learn more, contact a company like The Lock and Handle with any questions you have.

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Locking up the office at night

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