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Security Tips 101: Make your car theft proof

The car, to most individuals, makes one of the most priced investments closely trailing after the house. It's something that you've used your hard-earned money to buy and you wouldn't want see it taken away. But the truth is, car thefts are ever on the rise and criminal masterminds are becoming smarter at bypassing the locks and default security pre-installed in your vehicle. You'll have to take extra measures, and if you live in a rough neighbourhood, then these tips would come in handy. Here are some of the best ways to safeguard your car.

Ensure you've got transponder keys

This is one of the most common ways of beefing up your car's security. Transponder keys are part of the cars anti-theft system, and here a microchip embedded in your key communicates to your vehicle's computer during ignition. The car only starts when the correct signal is received from the key, and if not, then the vehicle locks itself down. This technique is efficient because the vehicle won't flinch even if a thief uses a key that matches the ignition lock.

Work with a business like Night & Day Locksmiths to learn more about transponder keys and getting duplicates made.

Kill switches

You could also install a kill switch in your ignition system that only you know about. These devices ensure your engine doesn't run by disconnecting power to the battery using a switch. If a thief tries to hot-wire your circuit, then the engine won't roar no matter how hard he tries. This makes the vehicle a lot more secure as the robber will now be forced to search for a hidden switch that may be anywhere in the vehicle. You can also have two switches just for the extra security.

Mark your car

Another technique you can use to get your security on the high is by marking your car. Well, sometimes the thief may outsmart you and perhaps get your car, but marking it ensures it doesn't get so far. Have the vehicle's Reg number of your car deeply marked at the windows, windscreen and even the engine. While this doesn't prevent the thief from actually stealing your vehicle, it displays its identity and makes it much harder to change.

Keep it out of sight

Most cars are stolen when on the streets, so getting it out of the roads is a good option. If you live in the city, then an investment in a garage would immensely boost your security. Also, get rid of all valuable items from your car if you have to leave it parked in the streets. Items like phones and tablets simply motivate the thief.

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Locking up the office at night

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