Locking up the office at night

2 Reasons To Call A Commercial Locksmith When You're Locked Out Of Your Office Premises

If you ever find yourself without a key for your office premises, it's important not to try to break into them (even if you're the owner), but to instead call a commercial locksmith. Here are some reasons why.

You might generate extra expenses for yourself

When people get into this situation and decide to try to find a way into their premises themselves instead of calling a locksmith, they usually do so because they think they'll be able to avoid the locksmith's callout fee. However, if you don't get a commercial locksmith to help you get into the office and instead choose to break into the premises yourself, you could generate a lot of expenses for yourself.

For example, if you damage the door that leads to your office in your efforts to force it open, you probably wouldn't be able to make an insurance claim for this due to you knowingly inflicting this damage on the door yourself. You would need to pay out of pocket for both a new door (as well as perhaps a new lock and a new door frame if these were broken during this process) and its installation.

Conversely, if a locksmith assists you in gaining access to the premises and then replaces the lock (or creates a new key for the existing lock), you'll only have to pay their callout fee. This is likely to be much smaller than the multiple expenses you could incur if you were to break in and cause damage to the door.

A locksmith can help you to get into the premises in a faster and safer manner

Another reason why business owners sometimes try to do this without a locksmith's involvement is that they assume that they'll get in faster if, for example, they shatter a window or break the glass in their premises' front door to gain access. If this thought crosses your mind, you should reconsider as it's usually faster and safer to get a commercial locksmith to do this.

For example, shattering a window is not as easy as it might seem (particularly if it's double-glazed) and it could take a long time to break the glass and then remove enough of the shards to enable you to fit through the window frame. In contrast, after a locksmith arrives, they could potentially open your office's door within minutes. Additionally, whilst trying to get through a broken window could leave you with several cuts and trying to force open your office's main door could leave you with a strained muscle, getting a locksmith to do this work will mean you'll be able to get without any injury whatsoever.

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Locking up the office at night

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