Locking up the office at night

Security Tips 101: Make your car theft proof

The car, to most individuals, makes one of the most priced investments closely trailing after the house. It's something that you've used your hard-earned money to buy and you wouldn't want see it taken away. But the truth is, car thefts are ever on the rise and criminal masterminds are becoming smarter at bypassing the locks and default security pre-installed in your vehicle. You'll have to take extra measures, and if you live in a rough neighbourhood, then these tips would come in handy. Read More 

Biometric Safes – Advantages, Disadvantages & Uses

Biometric safes are the most hi-tech solutions for protecting your valuable belongings. The popularity of these safes grows more and more as technology gets better. Years ago, biometrics were a science fiction technology seen mostly in films, although some biometric operations, such as retinal scanning, were available in extremely secure installations such as government buildings and military bases. Here are some of the primary advantages and disadvantages that biometric security offers, as well as some of their applications. Read More 

What To Consider When Choosing Door Handles

If you're constructing property or renovating, part of having to choose new doors involves selecting door handles. Door handles play a big role in door functionality and aesthetics. However, with so many design options out there in the market, deciding what works best for your furniture isn't always easy. Read on for some tips on how to go about this process: Match the handle design with that of the door Read More 

4 Useful Locksmith Tips Any Homeowner Should Know

Every house has doors, windows and locks. So to ensure the safety of your new or old home, you may want to call for the services of a locksmith to check if everything's all right. But before doing so, you should know there are some basic tips and tricks that don't require a locksmith to put into practice. The following are important tips on locks that all homeowners should know. Read More 

3 Groups Of Items That Should Be Kept In A Home Safe

Many people think safes are only necessary if you have very valuable jewellery or rare gold coins. However, many Australians are now choosing to install a safe in their home even if they don't own the crown jewels. Here are three groups of items that can really benefit from being stored in a secure and solid safe in your home. 1. Personal documents A safe is ideal for keeping important personal documents in. Read More 

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Locking up the office at night

I have to have proper locks on the office doors and filing cabinets to keep the patient records safe. We have some very confidential information in our medical practise, so I have to make sure that it couldn't be accessed or used inappropriately. I have tried a range of different locks and safes, and some have been more reliable than others. On this site, I compare some of the different options and give some ideas on which models might suit different applications. If you are also needing to keep confidential documents safe, then this should be a useful site for you to bookmark.